Violence as a Health Issue

Violence is like an epidemic disease … and it can be effectively prevented using health methods.

Violence Negatively Affects Health

Direct Effects – Death & Physical Injury

  • Violence is …
    • #1 cause of death for African-American and Latino males aged 15-24
    • #1 cause of death for all people under the age of 34 in most cities
  • More than 1 million…
      • children are killed globally every year
      • people in US killed from intentional violence since 1960

Indirect Effects – Mental Trauma

  • Exposed to violence has been linked to:
    • Chronic disease (heart disease, asthma, stroke, cancer, and more)
    • Mental health problems (PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression, and more)
    • Lower quality of life
    • Increased risk of perpetrating violence

Violence Is an Epidemic Disease

Exposure to violence has been scientifically shown to increase a person’s risk of adopting violent behavior themselves, meaning that violent behavior transmits and spreads based on exposure – just like an epidemic disease.

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